#RVLife by Tom Norris

I love our lands. America has some of the most spectacular geographic features in the world! I really developed a love for it while living in Arizona for a few years. I’ve been back in Virginia for almost two years now and I can’t believe it has been that long! So in a fit of longing and need to find myself and to express my photography passions I bought an RV and prepared to drive around the US. Over the next two months, I took some short trips with my daughters to Chippokes State Park and Shenandoah National Park . I spent these trips trying to figure out RV Life. I was learning the systems, learning what I needed and what I didn’t need and how to organize and travel in an RV. I should also shout out to my friends who have been so incredibly kind by letting me stay on their property and making this whole thing possible, Dave and Suzette. You guys are awesome and I love you guys!


Some of my favorite memories... by Tom Norris

…are from when I was a child. The most significant moments in my life were the insignificant ones; you know, like smelling my moms perfume (it was awful! But, it made her feel pretty) sitting on the couch with my parents watching tv shows, playing with my brother and sister, playing in the woods. When I was a kid in the early 80s there wasn’t as much distraction, things seemed simpler. I miss that. I miss the feeling of a world that seemed positive and communal. We used to only have a couple channels on our TV that we picked up on our antenna. I remember my Dad periodically having to go on the roof to adjust and being so annoyed. One of the best things about not having a lot of channels back then was that everything was pretty mainstream. There were not politics in the news. There was a general understanding that we were all progressing as a society and there was a confidence in ourselves. We used to watch PBS Nova once a week when it came on. It was my favorite show and I still love it! There were episodes about nature and wildlife, space and technology! It’s everything that I love. The shows about nature made me dream of being lost in the forest, climbing mountains, swinging from trees. I used to spend almost all of my free time outside playing in the woods. My photography comes from that place inside me. It comes from a place of adventure, a place of exploration, a feeling of excitement towards the future. Its from a desire to be connected and immersed into this bigger world around me. It gets me outside, it forces me to explore, it demands that I don’t stop. It keeps me alive inside.